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intervention de Colette GRINEVALD (Researcher, DDL, UMR 5596 CNRS-Université Lyon2), le 30 juin 2008

Durée: 62 minutes

This conference will consider the multidimensional and complex intertwining of issues of fieldwork and ethics, approaching this complexity for various angles. It will first consider questions such as who is accountable to whom, when, for what (as in the VW-DOBES flow chart), and then the evolution of fieldwork frameworks over the last decades (à la Cameron, as in fieldwork ON/FOR/WITH, and now BY speakers), while contemplating the inherent differences across continents. It will then consider the whole process in its cyclic nature, with the three phases of fieldwork of BEFORE/ DURING/ AFTER times, each phase bringing up different ethical issues (from choosing language and field site and planning fieldwork, to entering the field, gathering data, and leaving the field, to returning to academia and producing (analysis, archives, materials).