Université d’été DDL 2008: documentation et description des langues
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This Summer School has introduced the concepts and practices of language documentation and description in linguistics. Language description is the traditional subfield of linguistics concerned with the analysis of language structures and functions at different levels of organization (phonology, morphology, syntax, lexicon etc) and is often aimed at producing grammars and dictionaries. Language documentation is a new subfield of linguistic inquiry and practice primarily concerned with the compilation and preservation of primary linguistic data, and the inter-relationships between primary data and the various types of analyses based on these data. Language documentation strengthens the empirical foundations of those branches of linguistics and related disciplines which draw heavily on data from lesser known speech communities (eg. linguistic typology, cognitive linguistics, ethnolinguistics etc.). It significantly improves accountability (verifiability) of research and seriously addresses issues of access and use of primary data. Language documentation also serves the needs of language communities in educational and language revitalization and maintenance efforts. (Cf. Gippert, Himmelmann & Mosel. 2006.Essentials of language documentation.Mouton de Gruyter.)



Christian Dury


Christian Dury, Leandro Di Domenico, Vincent Monatte, Marc Peake

Responsables scientifiques

Colette Grinevald


Peter Austin, Matthias Brenzinger, Colette Grinevald, Friederike Lüpke, David Nathan


Christian Dury, Didier Leblanc

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