Workshop « Language Isolates in Africa »December 3-4, 2010
Labo /

The goal of this workshop is to evaluate the linguistic status of African languages called “Isolates”. Are they “truly” isolates (with no relation to any of the four ”traditional” linguistic families present on the African continent? Are they “isolates” within a linguistic family with no clear connection with other sub-branches? Do they have different levels of linguistic structures (lexical, morphological, syntactic) which suggest strong contacts between different linguistic families? This workshop was funded by an ANR research grant CLHASS (“Linguistic contributions to the History of Sub-Saharan Africa”, Principal Investigator: Jean-Marie Hombert)

Bonny Sands, Chloë Darmon and Roger Blench

Durée: 48 minutes

General discussion


Didier Leblanc


Didier Leblanc

Responsables scientifiques

Jean-Marie Hombert


Colleen Ahland, Roger Blench, Chloë Darmon, Tom Güldemann, Abbie Hantgan


Didier Leblanc


Nicolas El-Sayegh, Didier Leblanc

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