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Lancement Langues En Danger, Terrains, Documentation, Revitalisation

Launching of the new Axis LED-TDR on November 25, 2009.
This new Axis LED-TDR takes on the last AALLED Project (ANR – French Research Agency) and it aims to sustain the debate about Endangered Languages at the DDL Laboratory. The main activities point at the documentation and intellectualisation of Endangered Languages and it aspires to participating in the theoretical questions about the nature of revitalization, to working with the communities in a sustainable development approach, as well as to sharing experiences in the frameworks of resource production and didactical material for endangered languages.
This Axis was presented by Colette Grinevald and Michel Bert, with the presence of François Pellegrino, Natalie Fournier (Vice-president of research at the University Lyon2), Gaëlle Petit (Rhône-Alpes Region Representative, replacing M. Bengio), Jean-Baptiste Martin, DDL emeritus member and Counsellor.